Enabling clean chemicals, using seaweed.

Why seaweed ?

Seaweed is an underwater hero with above-ground potential

Its importance to ocean ecosystems is well known, but its role in the fight against climate change and industrial pollution is just being realized. We believe that mindful cultivation and use of seaweeds will be vital to cleaning up our industries, increasing coastal resilience, and supporting local communities.

Our Approach


We use sustainably sourced, endemic seaweeds from Chile’s coast, taking great care to build respectful relationships with producers and their communities.


We use a zero-waste, low-energy biorefinery approach to transform this seaweed into a wide range of ready-to-use, natural raw materials.


We sell these raw materials directly to companies that turn them into everyday products such as paper, food or packaging.


We are the missing link between coastal communities looking for higher incomes and manufacturers looking to clean up their processes. By connecting the two, we can support both sustainable livelihoods and stewardship of Chile’s vulnerable coastline. Regeneration in action.

Our Solution

We use a biorefinery approach to create low-impact seaweed-based industrial feedstocks, leveraging Chile´s vast ocean resources